A Couple of Moths

A Couple of Moths

Here is some more macro work.  I got these moths that were attracted by my porch lamp.



Animated Ent Garden

I put together a short claymation video for a class project.  Never having done any claymation work before, I thought it would be an interesting experiment.  Check it out!



I have shot lots of butterflies since I first started taking pictures.  I thought I would post a few.

Photographing the Small

Photographing the Small

Here are some more shots of tiny objects including a 1/4 inch spider on the ceiling of my house.  I’ll say one thing — using a tripod on top of a step ladder is very tricky!

Aphids on a Houseplant

Aphids on a Houseplant

Here is a macro of aphids eating my wife’s plant.  I just managed to take this before she strayed the heck out of them.

A Common Housefly

Portrait of a Fly

Here is another insect picture I took as part of a project for my macro class.  The picture was taken using a canon mpe-65 lens on a canon 5D.  The aperture was f/16 with a shutter speed of 1/200 sec.

Studio Lighting Using Four Lights

A Four Light Setup

This project was design to give a rough idea of what each light in a four light setup does .  Here is a breakdown of what each light gives you and the end result.  The pictures are all lights, fill light, left kicker, right kicker, and main light.